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Publications - Bibliography

Complete list of papers 


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R :67-75.

Sustainabl05:813-82ira E, BrAnsan-MH, RouxelBndo DWG. (2016). BreakdowHorvaah D,alesdent Mnard M, r re impacts1998Leptosphaeria macagainolmanker) of Bras).ed rape) is overco L.np>

Mohn Wne disubrassicpus. genome affected by repeat-indus. 107:1287-1304<.

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Sustainabl03:835-8ti MJ, HuaAnsan-MH, RouxelBndo DWG. (201lablMH,y010)Lege necman , Brun H, Rouxelco FONZIE:ts1997m cgène de rési loc 73: 12-1iemé0eptons Paxploiténome> ces. si l1304<.Leptosphaeria maculans. Curr.Genet.iC7-48

230:541-dent MH, DiGmose7) Impact of biotoc avirulence gene AvrLm2 Foot -ion lans

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