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BIOlogie et GEstion des Risques en agriculture - Champignons Pathogènes des Plantes


Welcome to Sabine, Carolina and Camilla!

5th March 2018


Sabine Cadoux joins us as engineer for a one-year period. She will work for the FSOV project MABRUNE on the fine mapping of QTLs resistance to wheat rust, Puccinia triticina. She will develop recombinant populations for several QTLs and select recombinant plants using molecular markers, under the supervision of Henriette Goyeau and Thierry Marcel.

Carolina Orellana-Torrejon joins us for a MSc 6-month project. She will work on the impact of cultivar mixture on the dynamic of a varietal resistance breakdown and the transmission of a virulence in Zymoseptoria tritici local population, under the supervision of Frédéric Suffert and Sandrine Gélisse.

Camilla Langlands joins us also for a MSc 6-month project. She will work on the genetic determinism of the pathogenicity of Zymoseptoria tritici against a resistant wheat cultivar and the mapping of QTLs of pathogenicity in a recombinant pathogen population, under the supervision of Thierry Marcel and Nicolas Lapalu.


Welcome to Julie!

12th February 2018

Julie NOAH

Julie Noah, Engineer candidate at the engineering school UniLaSalle, campus of Rouen, joins us for a 5-month project on the development of a quantitive pathogenicity test on wheat leaf rust (Puccinia triticina), under the supervision of Henriette Goyeau and Thierry Marcel.


Welcome to Julien!

5th February 2018


Julien Colombet joins us as engineer assistant. He will work for the FSOV project "Search for durable resistance to yellow rust in durum wheat and triticale", combining phetotyping and genotyping of French Puccinia striiformis strains, under the supervision of Claude Pope and Marc Leconte.


A permanent research position CR2 (junior researcher) is open in our group 

29th January 2018

post CR2

Permanent research position CR2 in plant disease epidemiology on "Epidemic recurrence and management of varietal resistance"

Key activities and required skills - The goal of the host research team is to improve the efficacy and durability of varietal resistance against fungal diseases of wheat. The successful candidate will lead projects aiming to characterize the epidemiological processes involved in the multi-annual recurrence of epidemics and pathogen population dynamics. He/she will integrate these processes and their influencing factors to design and evaluate varietal resistance management strategies. He/she will base his/her research on multi-scale experimental strategies (plant, field, landscape) in close collaboration with other team members working on host-pathogen interactions, evolution of pathogen populations and processes involved in the inter-annual transmission of virulence, and will collaborate with modellers. Skills in phytopathology and epidemiology, ecology or dynamics of microbial populations in an agronomical context are highly recommended.

Training required - PhD or equivalent, preferably in plant epidemiology, phytopathology, biology of fungal populations. Skills in demogenetics, evolution/ecology of microbial populations, and agroecology would be a bonus. Candidates should have a good command of English, and long-term international experience would also be desirable. Successful candidates who have not yet acquired this experience abroad will be required to do so after their probationary period (1st year).

More details & contact

Deadline for submitting applications:
- 5th March 2018, at 5pm (Paris time), for online applications
- 28 February 2018, at midnight (as attested by the postmark), for paper applications


Welcome to David & Agathe!

8th January 2018 

David & Agathe

David Milliot-Stoclin joins us for a MSc 6-month project on the durability of the durum wheat resistance to Puccinia triticina and Zymoseptoria tritici, under the supervision of Henriette Goyeau and Thierry Marcel.

Agathe Ballu joins us as PhD candidate working on the assessement of anti-fungicide-resistance strategies using an experimental evolution approach (case study Zymoseptoria tritici), under the supervision of Anne-Sophie Walker, Anne Dérédec and Florence Carpentier.


MSc/Engineer 6-month projects on modelling in plant disease epidemiology

20th November 2017  [the two positions are open]


We are searching two highly-motivated MSc students (Master2 or Engineer School) by modelling in plant disease epidemiology.

Project#1: "Development of a simulation tool in plant disease epidemiology" / "Développement d’un outil de simulation en épidémiologie végétale". Location: INRA Sophia Antipolis (Institut Sophia AgroBioTech). More details are available here.

Project#2: "Evolution of varietal resistance breakdown: development of theoretical model and analysis of empirical field data" / "Evolution du contournement des résistances variétales : Etude conjointe d’un modèle théorique et de données de terrain". Location: INRA Jouy-en-Josas (MaIAGE) or INRA Grignon (BIOGER) or INRA Sophia Antipolis (Institut Sophia AgroBioTech). More details are available here.

Candidates must have a strong interest in plant disease epidemiology, modelling programming and/or statistical analyses. The 6-month positions are available from February/March 2018 to August/September 2018 (dates are more or less flexible). Applicants should contact suzanne.touzeau@inra.fr and florence.carpentier@agroparistech.fr.


Engineer position (12 months) - "Assessment of the effect of crop diseases and pests on yields in France" / CDD IE (12 mois) - "Evaluation de l’effet des maladies et ravageurs des grandes cultures sur les rendements en France"

2nd October 2017  [the position is closed]


We are searching an engineer to work during one year on the assessment of the effect of crop diseases and pests on yields in France. Candidates must have competence in modelling, programming and statistical analyses, with a strong interest in agronomy or plant protection. The position can be filled as soon as possible. More details are available here. Applicants should contact corentin.barbu@inra.fr and florence.carpentier@agroparistech.fr.


MSc project - "Impact of cultivar mixtures on the local evolution of a plant pathogen population (Zymoseptoria tritici, the causal agent of septoria leaf blotch of wheat) / Projet de stage de Master2 - "Impact d’associations variétales sur l’évolution locale d’un champignon phytopathogène (Zymoseptoria tritici, responsable de la septoriose du blé)"

15th September 2017  [the position is closed]


We are searching a highly-motivated MSc student (Master2) by plant disease epidemiology, to work on the impact of host population heterogeneity in field on the local adaptation/evolution of a sexually active plant pathogen population. The project aims to elucidate the question: How does wheat cultivar mixtures impact the interepidemic transmission of a virulence in a Zymoseptoria tritici population at the field scale?

Candidates must have a strong interest in plant disease epidemiology and microbiology, combining field, greenhouse and lab experiments. Experience in evolutionary biology, biophysics, modelling programming and/or statistical analyses (e.g. in R) is not required but is clearly an advantage. The 6-month position is available from January/March 2018 to June/September 2018 (dates are more or less flexible). Applications will be reviewed in October but the position remains open until filled. Applicants should send a curriculum vitae and a cover letter stating their research interests and motivation to : frederic.suffert@inra.fr


Welcome to Maroua!

1st August 2017

Maroua OUAJA

Maroua Ouaja joins us on a 3-month training period within the context of a Franco-Tunisian exchange, under the supervision of Thierry Marcel. She is preparing her PhD in Tunisia on the association genetic resistance to septoria leaf blotch in a panel of durum wheat lines derived from Tunisian traditional varieties.


PhD position in the AMAR & Epidemiology groups - "Evaluating fungicide anti-resistance strategies by the mean of experimental evolution: the case of Zymoseptoria tritici, the causal agent of septoria leaf blotch"

1st August 2017  [the position is closed]

photo septo

This project aims to answer the following questions: "What are the drivers of Z. triciti resistance selection?" and "How to use them to enhance the sustainability of anti-resistance strategies in Z. tritici?" PhD student will be co-supervised in BIOGER by Anne-Sophie Walker, Anne Dérédec and Florence Carpentier. Applicants should have a training (MSc or Engineer degree) in plant pathology and/or microbiology. Knowledge in evolutionary sciences is an advantage for this position, as well as skills, or high motivation, for statistical analysis and modelling. For further information: how to apply.


#MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain - Opportunity to get funding and work on the impact of climate change on fungal wheat diseases at INRA BIOGER

12th July 2017


You are a promising or high-level scientist(1) in plant disease epidemiology, phytopathology, thermal biology, bioclimatology? You want to make our planet great again by developing research on the effects of climate change in an attractive and stimulating scientific environment at INRA near Paris? This message is for you! Take the opportunity to build a scientific project, get funding and work on the impact of climate change on fungal wheat diseases (e.g. wheat rust or Septoria leaf blotch) in our group! Contact us!

(1) Experienced researchers / senior faculty members with a 15-year track record; Junior researchers with a minimum experience of two years after their PhD; PhD candidates (graduate students or students to graduate before the end of the year).

For further information: #MakeYourPlanetGreatAgain


Welcome to Safa!

4th July 2017


Safa Ben Krima joins us on a 3-year PhD fellowship partly financed by the INRA Plant Health and Environment division. She will work on the adaptation of Zymoseptoria tritici to genetically heterogeneous durum wheat populations from Tunisia, under the supervision of Thierry Marcel.


Congratulations to Anne-Lise!

7th July 2017


Congratulations to Anne-Lise Boixel, who recently passed the recruitment exam of “research engineer” position open in our group. After 2018 she will have in charge a scientific survey program on wheat rust epidemic dynamics at the landscape scale. Before that, as PhD candidate she will continue her thesis project on the diversity of responses and adaptive potential to changes in thermal conditions in Zymoseptoria tritici populations, under the supervision of Frédéric Suffert and Michaël Chelle (INRA ECOSYS).