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"Comparative genome organisation in Leptosphaeria maculans and related filamentous fungi" (FunGenes)

Position available for doctoral fellows in the fields of genomics and marker development in filamentous fungi.

The following topics can be addressed :
(i) Contribution to the analysis of genome organisation of L. maculans. Following characterisation of L. maculans or heterologous ESTs (including candidate genes from other fungal species), search for functional clustering by hybridisation on the BAC library. Genome location of these clusters in the physical map and chromosomes separated by PFGE. Relationship with the location of known genes of L. maculans, including AVR genes.

(ii) Comparison with the genome organisation of related pathogenic fungi, by analysing the occurrence, or not, of similar stretches of ORFs upon the availability of similar material and tools in the fellow host lab.

(iii) Use of minisatellites as tools for population genetics or epidemiology in L. maculans or related fungal species. The availability of numerous sequence data in L. maculans, or cloning strategies targeted at markers linked in repulsion enabled us to design strategies to generate minisatellites. These single-locus sequences are common in fungal genomes and have the main advantage over microsatellites that they may be easily separated and analysed using regular agarose electrophoresis due to the differences in size from one repeat to the other. New minisatellites will be characterised and their usefulness as markers assessed on natural L. maculans populations. Similar strategies can be developed on related fungal species as in (ii).

Contact :

Dr BALESDENT Marie-Hélène

INRA- Unité BIOGER, Equipe "Génétique moléculaire des interactions Leptosphaeria maculans-colza",


78850 Thiverval-Grignon, FRANCE

tel. 33 1 30 81 45 73;

fax 33 1 30 81 53 06,

e-mail, mhb@versailles.inra.fr