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"Stem Canker of oilseed rape: molecular tools and mathematical modelling to deploy durable resistance" (SECURE)

Rothamsted Research, UK (coordinator), INRA Versailles, FRA, UMR Bio3P Rennes, FRA; ADAS Boxworth, UK; CETIOM, FRA ; IGR Poznan, POL ; Svalof Weibul, SWE.


SECURE aimed to deliver a strategy for effective deployment of resistance to improve durability of new stem canker resistance genes in oilseed rape cultivars. SECURE used state-of-the-art molecular and modelling tools, and field and controlled environment experiments to:

- Develop a mechanistic model of the life cycle of Leptosphaeria maculans on oilseed rape and validate it with existing and new data from field experiments.

- Study molecular mechanisms responsible for generation of new virulent races (and their fitness deficit).

- Analyse effects of genetic background and environment on resistance durability.

- Construct models and disseminate recommendations (through different routes, e.g. an interactive web-site) for the deployment of resistance to maximise durability.

SECURE lasted between 2002 and 2006. More information is available via the SECURE web site at Rothamsted Research.