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Nouvelles publications

– Gouel, C. Nutrition transition and the structure of global food demand A paraître in : American Journal of Agricultural Economics, (2018).

– Gouel, C.
Nutrition transition and the structure of global food demand
A paraître in : American Journal of Agricultural Economics, (2018).

–  Bureau, J.C.;Swinnen, J.
EU policies and global food security
A paraître in : Global Food Security, (2017). 10 p.

– Leblois, A. ; Damette, O. ; Wolfersberger, J.
What has driven deforestation in developing countries since the 2000s? Evidence from new remote-sensing data
in : World Development, (2017), vol. 92. pp. 82-102.

– Chakir, R.;Lungarska, A.
Agricultural rent in land-use models: comparison of frequently used proxies
A paraître in : Spatial Economic Analysis, (2017). 25 p.

– Pérez-Urdiales, M.;Garcia-Valinas, M.A.
Efficient water-using technologies and habits: A disaggregated analysis in the water sector
in : Ecological Economics, (2016), vol. 128. pp. 117-129.

–  Bayramoglu, B.;Chakir, R.
The impact of high crop prices on the use of agro-chemical inputs in France: A structural econometric analysis
in : Land Use Policy, (2016), vol. 55. pp. 204-211.

–  Chakir, R.;David, M.;Gozlan, E.;Sangare, A.
Valuing the Impacts of An Invasive Biological Control Agent: A Choice Experiment on the Asian Ladybird in France
A paraître in : Journal of Agricultural Economics, (2016). 20 p.

–  Ben Fradj, N.;Jayet, P.A.;Aghajanzadeh-Darzi, P.<br />
Competition between food, feed, and (bio)fuel: A supply-side model based assessment at the European scale
in : Land Use Policy, (2016), vol. 52. pp.195–205

– Bonny, S.
Genetically modified herbicide-tolerant crops, weeds, and herbicides: overview and impact
in : Environmental Management, (2015), vol. 56. 18 p.

–  Pellerin, S.; Bamière, L.; Pardon, L.
Agriculture et gaz à effet de serre - Dix actions pour réduire les émissions
Versailles : Editions Quae, 2015. 200 p. ISBN :  978-2-7592-2314-5

–  De Lara M., Martinet V., Doyen L.
Satisficing versus Optimality: Criteria for Sustainability
in : Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, (2015), vol. 77, n° 2. pp. 281-297.

–  Bureau J.C.; Mahé L.P.
L'intégration de l'agroécologie dans les orientations de la PAC
in : Droit de l'environnement, (2015), n° 230. pp. 17-20.

– Camacho, C.; Perez-Barahona, A.
Land use dynamics and the environment
in : Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, (2015), vol. 52. pp. 96-118.

–  Gouël, C.
Food price volatility and domestic stabilization policies in developing countries
Volatilité des prix alimentaires et politiques de stabilisation dans les pays en développement
in : The economics of food price volatility, Chavas, Jean-Paul, Hummels, David, Wright, Brian D.. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2014. ISBN : 978-0-226-12892-4. pp. 261-306.