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About us, the Joint Research Unit Public Economics

The Joint Research Unit in Public Economics is a research and teaching unit in applied economics in the fields of agriculture and the environment. It is a part of INRA's Social Sciences, Food, Agriculture and Environment Department.



The research focuses on environmental and public policy concerns in the agricultural and agribusiness sectors as well as on international trade. This research aims to develop methods of analysis, simulation models, and tools for reflection that can be used by economic policy makers and, more broadly speaking, by all social actors.

  • Public policies and the evolutions of land use, production and ecosystems
    The objective of the work of this axis is to develop tools to analyze the economic and environmental effects of public policies, and suggest ways to promote socially preferable practices that take into account the natural capital and ecosystem services
  • Food security
    The work in the food security axis concerns three pillars of food security: availability, stability of markets, and food quality.

Scientific collaboration has been established with many universities and research institutes throughout Europe, particularly via European research contracts: Trinity College (Ireland), University of Molise (Italy), University of Hamburg (Germany), CIRANO (Canada), University of Reading (United Kingdom), IIASA (Austria), University of Wageningen (Netherlands), etc.

We also collaborate with the United State (Iowa State University) and Sweden (Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics). Work is carried out in conjunction with the EC. It includes the program within the framework of trade negotiations with the joint CEPII Framework Programmes FP6 and FP7, known respectively as TradeAg and AgFoodTrade. In this case, we are collaborating with the Directorate for Agriculture and the Trade Commission.



The Joint Research Unit plays an active role in the curriculum for the Engineering degree (in French) at AgroParisTech. It also participates in the Master's degree in "Sustainable Economics, Environmental Economics and Energy Economics" (Économie du Développement Durable, de l’Environnement et de l’Énergie), EDDEE (in French) as well as in the specialized Master's degree of "Management of Food Sanitation and Environmental Risks" (Management des risques sanitaires alimentaires et environnementaux), ALISEE (in French).