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Links and presentation of projects involving the Public Economy Unit

STIMUL - Scenarios Towards Integrating Multi-scale Land-use tools

Land use and climate change issues are at the intersection of research carried out by teams in the BASC LabEx. BASC teams have developed a range of economic and biophysical models to analyze the factors driving land use change and assess their ecological, agricultural, climatic and economic impacts. These models differ in their methodologies, scale of interest and resolution, but they are very complementary and could provide the LabEx with a unique capacity to analyze policies that influence land use.


Diet+, project ANR

The Diet+ project proposes to analyse diets in France, by focusing on the relationships between the market mechanisms and the overall quality of diet.
Quality includes the quality of the consumption, the possible improvements in the foods quality, the quality of the environment, the land use, and the possible improvements in public health.


Susfans, European Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security, projet européen

The objectives of  SUSFANS are «to build the conceptual framework, the evidence base and analytical tools for underpinning EU-wide food policies with respect to their impact on consumer diets and their implications for nutrition and public health in the EU, the environment, the competitiveness of the EU agri-food sectors, and global food and nutrition security».


FoodSecure, programme européen (FP7, Grant Agreement n°290693)


TRUSTEE, Towards RUral Synergies and Trade-offs between Economic development and Ecosystem services (FP7)

The aim is to understand the complex relationships between economic development, land use and ecosystem services in rural areas at different spatial scales.