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Research Themes

Public policies and the evolutions of land use, production and ecosystems

(Person in charge: Raja Chakir and Vincent Martinet)

The objective of the work of this axis is to develop tools to analyze the economic and environmental effects of public policies, and suggest ways to promote socially preferable practices that take into account the natural capital and ecosystem services.

The first part of research focuses on modeling the dynamics of changes in land use (crops, grassland, forest, urban).
These models are used to simulate the evolution of land use of following different policy scenarios (eg, taxation, agricultural policy, zoning) and more exogenous determinants (eg, climate, macroeconomic environment, energy costs and transport). They also study the impact of future changes in land use on the environment (greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, water pollution).

The second part of research address the issue of defining a sustainable agriculture by focusing on the trade-offs among ecosystem services provided by agroecosystems.
We examine the conflicts and synergies among provisioning services (food, feed and biomass production), regulation services (biological pest control, pollination, carbon and nitrogen cycles regulation) and cultural services (biodiversity, landscapes), in line with land uses and agricultural practices. The objective is to identify leviers and management tools to enhance the provision of certain bundles of ecosystem services at a landscape level. This includes public policies, incentives tools, and coordination mechanisms).

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These research questions contribute to the Labex BASC.

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Food security

(Person in charge : Christophe Gouel)

The work in the food security axis concerns three pillars of food security: availability, stability of markets, and food quality.

The issue of availability is mainly addressed through the question of the effects of international trade and agricultural policies. Research work in this area is about the consequences of trade policies applied on agricultural products and the role of trade in transmitting the effects of public policies (e.g., the indirect land use changes).

Regarding market stability, our research focuses on the dynamics of agricultural commodity prices through two different questions. Firstly, different theoretical models are built to analyze the role of storage, market microstructure or incomplete information in explaining price volatility. Secondly, we study the role and design of public interventions related to food price volatility, such as storage or trade policies, and their consequences for domestic price stabilization and world market stability.

On food quality, our research concerns food safety and nutritional security. For example, we examine the compatibility of nutritional concerns and other societal issues, such as environment.


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