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Working Papers 2010

Orset, C.
Irreversible investment and information acquisition under uncertainty
Working Papers 2010/01
Thiverval–Grignon : INRA SAE2, 2010. 41 p.
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De Lara, M.; Martinet, V.; Doyen, L.
Risque et durabilité : La viabilité est–elle si loin de l’optimalité ?
Working Papers 2010/02
Thiverval–Grignon : INRA SAE2, 2010. 21 p.
Download in pdf format, 275 ko

Le Cadre, E.; Orset C.
Irreversible investment, uncertainty, and ambiguity: The case of bioenergy sector
Working Papers 2010/03
Thiverval–Grignon : INRA SAE2, 2010. 24 p.
Download in pdf format, 417 ko

Chakir, R.; Hardelin, J.
Crop insurance and pesticides in French agriculture: an empirical analysis of multiple risks management
Working Papers 2010/04
Thiverval–Grignon : INRA SAE2, 2010. 41 p.
Download in pdf format, 408 ko

Martinet, V.
Soil heterogeneity, agricultural supply and land-use change: an application to biofuels production
Working Papers 2010/05
Thiverval–Grignon : INRA SAE2, 2010. 27 p.
 Download in pdf format, 525 ko

Bourgeois, C.; Jayet, P.A.
Revisited water-oriented relationships between a set of farmers and an aquifer: accounting for lag effect
Working paper 2010/06
Thiverval–Grignon : INRA SAE2, 2010. 31 p.
Download in pdf format, 367 ko