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Working Papers 2014

Bamière, L.
A spatially explicit model to analyse the regional supply of ligno-cellulosic biomass
Working Papers 2014/01
Thiverval-Grignon : INRA-SAE2, 64 p.
Download in pdf format, 5,4 Mo

Ay, J.S.;Chakir, R.;Le Gallo, J.
The effects of scale, space and time on the predictive accuracy of land use models
Working Papers 2014/02
Thiverval-Grignon : INRA-SAE2, 42 p.
Download in pdf format, 3,2 Mo

Ay, J.S.;Chakir, R.;Marette, S.
Does living close to a vineyard increase the willingness-to-pay for organic and local wine?
Cahiers de recherche 2014/03
Thiverval-Grignon : INRA-SAE2, 36 p.
Download in pdf format, 408 ko