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International MicroSoil Workshop 2018

June 27-29 2018 - Château de Saint Loup, Saint-Loup sur Thouet, France

International MicroSoil Workshop 2018
Organisers : Philippe Baveye, Patricia Garnier, Naoise Nunan, Valérie Pot - INRA/AgroParisTech/CNRS Campus de Grignon, France

- http://www.chateaudesaint-loup.com/ 

In 2009 and 2011, Wilfred Otten organised two very successful MicroSoil workshops in Dundee (Scotland), where specialists of the microscale analysis and modelling of soils ​got a chance to compare notes and plan future research efforts. This MicroSoil2018 workshop is motivated by the same idea. More so even than a decade ago, it is clear that knowledge of the micro-environment of soils holds the key to a more precise prediction of soil functioning. The tremendous technological advances that have occurred relative to a number of measurement techniques, e.g., X-ray CT, micro-focus XRF, NANO-SIMS, CARD-FISH,​ now allow us to quantify the microscopic properties the soils at increasingly smaller scales. At this juncture, it is crucial to work on a full integration of physical, biological and chemical perspectives on soil microscopic processes, to develop fully integrative computer models, and to address the very daunting issues associated with the upscaling of microscopic information and models to the macroscopic scale where, unavoidably, routine measurements have to be performed. In this context, the aim of t​he MicroSoil2018 workshop is to bring together current leaders in the field to exchange views on where the field is at the moment, where it needs to go in the next decade, and how, practically (and financially), we can get from here to there...  Plenty of time will be devoted to debates and discussions, in the very peaceful environment of an 18th century castle and its park.​

Url : https://www6.inra.fr/soilmicro3D/WORKSHOP-2018