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UMR ECOSYS - Ecologie fonctionnelle et écotoxicologie des agroécosystèmes

Winter School 2019

28th january - 08th february 2019 - Paris

Winter School 2019
Measurement, analysis and integrated modelling of reactive gases and Aerosols exchanges between the biosphere and the atmosphere and their impacts on living organisms

The effects of retroactions between atmospheric pollutants (O3, aerosols, volatile organic compounds - VOCs, nitrogen compounds) and climate are essential to predict future climate evolution but also to understand and assess their impacts on living organisms in terms of agricultural production, biodiversity or human health. The aim of the winter school is both to provide basic knowledge in the measurement, modelling and analysis of pollutant gas emissions between the biosphere and the atmosphere and their impacts on living organisms and to initiate reflections and discussions on this theme among young researchers

The objectives of this winter-school are to offer knowledge on:

  • advanced methods for measuring and modelling exchanges of reactive compounds and aerosols between the biosphere and the atmosphere;
  • the effects of biotic and abiotic stresses on terrestrial ecosystems;
  • Statistical tools for analysis and meta-modelling.

This research school is based on theoretical learning systematically combined with practical application on measurement and modelling. Participants will have access to measurement data and models that they will learn to manipulate and use later.

Methods addressed:

  • Fluxes: Turbulent covariance, dynamic chambers and inverse modelling
  • Concentrations: PTR-TOF-MS (proton transfer mass spectrometer), QCL, aerosol mass spectrometer, chemistry-luminescence
  • Modelling: surface, ecosystem, transfer models
  • Statistics: Statistical analysis and meta-modelling

Visits to the ICOS (Thiverval Grignon) and ACTRIS - Sirta (Palaiseau) sites are planned.

Url : https://workshop.inra.fr/winterschool2019