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Welcome to ECOSYS

UMR ECOSYS - Ecologie fonctionnelle et écotoxicologie des agroécosystèmes


The ECOSYS project is in line with the priorities of INRA in the agroecology area, shared by AgroParisTech, contributing specific responses regarding the following: biotic interactions in agroecosystems, landscape agroecology (landscape structure considered as a regulating factor for ecological and biogeochemical flows), multi-criteria assessment of agroecosystems and ecological services, and sustainable management of biogeochemical cycles.

ECOSYS exists within a "research ecosystem" and a network of collaborations structured by collaborative projects and partnership structures, which will be described in the next section. Figure 10 provides a map of these collaborations in relation to the transversal axes of the ECOSYS project. Some laboratories or consortia are of particular importance, which is the case for structural collaborations within LabEx BASC and FIRE.

Our partnerships, both nationally and internationally, are built through large projects (European, Investments for the Future (Projets d’investissement d’avenir), ANR). Examples of these projects include the BREEDWHEAT, RAPSODYN and LOGISTEC projects, contributing to the ECOSYS axis of production services; the ECLAIRE, INGOS and CLAND projects, contributing to climate regulation services; and SOERE PRO1, contributing to recycling services. The ANR ESCAPADE project is an example of partnership mobilization to address integration and territorial management approaches, applying the concept of a "nitrogen cascade". In addition, ECOSYS is involved in and coordinates medium-long-term observation devices and infrastructures (SOEREs, ICOS).


Within INRA, ECOSYS collaborates with complementary units, such as LISAH (for aspects related to surface hydrology and landscape modeling), SAS (for activities related to environmental impacts associated with nitrogen dynamics and manure management), AgroImpact (for environmental assessment and modeling of biogeochemical cycles), InfoSol (for soil databases), and LBE (for waste treatment processes).

The ECOSYS project fits within the INRA metaprograms, including EcoServ (for all aspects of ecosystem services), ACCAF (related to the "climate regulation" axis, for adaptation and evolution aspects of pests) and SMaCH (related to activities concerning the dynamics of pesticides, the epidemiology of aerial pests and the consequences on vegetal production). The ECOSYS members play a role in thematic animation in different instances of INRA, which is particularly the case for the ECOTOX network (open to other institutions) and the thematic WATER network. ECOSYS, with its soil component (Soil and Ecotox teams), is an important element in the SOIL network of the EA division.

The downstream partnership with the agricultural profession is structured on the basis of existing bilateral relationships with technical institutes (Terres Inovia, ARVALIS-Institut du végétal, ITB) and more formalized extensions within Joint Technology Units - UMTs (Alter'N and Magnum) and Joint Technology Networks - RMT (Fertilization and Environment). The downstream partnership in the field of the environment mainly involves agencies (ADEME and the Foundation for Biodiversity Research - FRB) and chambers of agriculture (Ile-de-France). An industrial partnership with VEOLIA in the field of recycling and waste treatment is historic, although not exclusive.