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Long-term organic residue recycling

The aims of our studies are the followings:

  • Understand and hierarchize the processes of soil organic matter (SOM) stabilisation on the long term (decades, centuries): physical protection in soil micro or nano-aggregates, adsorption on soil minerals, chemical recalcitrance;
  • Improve integrating of these processes in predictive models of the dynamic of C and N in soils;
  • Study the vulnerability of stabilised SOM to the climatic change and soil tillage;
  • Estimate and understand the potential of agricultural practices and systems to storage of carbon.

The approach is based on long-term field experiment results.

This subject follows up on research work of the Team MOS of BIOEMCO, and falls mainly within the transdisciplinary subject "Service of climate regulation" but also within the "Service of supporting the reuse of organic wastes ".

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