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UMR ECOSYS - Ecologie fonctionnelle et écotoxicologie des agroécosystèmes

Environmental impacts of organic waste recycling


Coordinator : Sabine Houot

What is the agronomic value (C, N biogeochemical cycles) and what are the environmental impacts (organic waste contaminants, trace metals) related with organic waste recycling ? To answer these questions, it is necessary to :

Tracteur déversant du compost
  • Measure, model and simulate the different effects of PRO inputs to soils 
  • Build a typology of PRO and develop indicators 
  • Integrate all effects in the environmental assessment of this recycling practice 
  • Optimize the insertion of PRO recycling within the farmers practices and the crop production systems at the regional scale
  • Predict at the regional scale the effects of PRO inputs on carbon stocks in soils

The main goals of the Soil Science Group of ECOSYS with respect to the agricultural use of organic waste products (PRO) are the followings: 

  • Pursue integrating research on effects of PRO recycling at the plot scale, initiated by the former EGC research unit;
  • Enhance the evolution toward a territorial approach of PRO management;
  • Contribute to broader projects devoted to the monitoring of various ecosystems receiving organic waste products (research project ANAEE-Services 5);

Direct links exist between these perspectives and the interdisciplinary subjects of ECOSYS. Especially the role of soils and of their management within provisioning services in a periurban context, in supporting the reuse and amelioration of urban organic residues, the storage of carbon, the quality of water and air and the biodiversity.


CEMABS Project

Chronic level exposure to antibiotics and metals in soils: impact on microbial processes including the dynamics of antibiotic-resistance
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Observatoire : SOERE-PRO

Long term field experiment network for research on the recycling of organic residues in agriculture
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projet PROLAB

PROLAB Project

Laboratory characterization of organic waste produced in the laboratory to predict their behavior in the field
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Séminaire "Gestion des matières organiques et du travail du sol : des pratiques qui améliorent les services écosystémiques rendus par les sols ?" - 12 décembre 2014

vendredi 12 décembre 2014 Paris

Sabine Houot et al

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