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Soil structure and local heterogeneity

Our previous results (EGC-Sol and MOS-BIOEMCO) have shown or confirmed the importance of soil architecture and local heterogeneous distributions of Organic Matter and degrading microorganisms, not considered in classical models dealing with OM dynamic, fate of pesticides in soils, and emissions of N2O.

In the current projects on this subject, the objectives are the followings:

  • Identify the key parameters of soil structure which determine the degradation of organic matter and the emissions of N2O;
  • Understand how the heterogeneity of organic pollutant distributions within the structure influences their accessibility and availability to microorganisms;
  • Define which delimitation and which objects of the soil structure are the most relevant with respect to biodegradation (pore size, aggregate distribution)
  • Hierarchize the roles of organisation and habitat of microbial communities in regulating the biodegradation of organic compounds.

These perspectives fall mainly within the transdisciplinary subject "Service of climate regulation" but also in the subject "Service of regulation of the quality of environmental compartments ".