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Ongoing PhD projects within the "Food, Digestion and Perception" group


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Title : Sensory benefits (flavor and texture) of fermented foods fortified vegetable proteins and adaptation of microbial ecosystems such feed.
Funding : Carnot Qualiment
Education : Engineering degree in Agro-Food (Engineering school INAT Tunisie) + Master "Agroalimentaire, Nutrition et Agro-Valorisation" major "Valorisation agroalimentaire et en produits de santé des ressources tropicales et méditerranéennes" à SupAgro Monpellier
Keywords : vegetable proteins, microbial ecosystems, sensory benefits
Supervisors : Isabelle Souchon, Pascal Bonnarme,  Françoise Irlinger , Maud Panouillé and Anne Saint-Eve
Beginning : november 2014
Extension : 45 31


Title : Application of MRI to the understanding of digestion: unravelling opportunities for improving nutrition through controlled nutrient release
Funding : IDI Saclay 
Education : International Erasmus Mundus Master in Food Innovation and Product Design
Keywords : digestion, MRI, food structures, starch, protein
Supervisors : François Boué, Xavier Maître (LPS, co-supervision), Evelyne Lutton, Steven Le Feunteun
Beginning : octobre 2015
Extension : 54 83


Title: Relationships between bread structure, deconstruction in the mouth and aromatic typicity  
Funding: CIFRE
Education: Engineering degree in chemistry and agronomy, AgroParisTech/Chimie ParisTech
Keywords: formulation, sensory analysis, physicochemistry, texture
Supervisors: Isabelle Souchon, Isabelle Déléris, Anne Saint-Eve
Beginning:  november 2013
Extension : 45 31


Title : In situ biomechanical characterization of tongue-food-palate system using quantitative ultrasound for a better understanding of texture perceptions.
Funding : IDI Saclay 
Education : Master Biomécanique et Bioingénierie, UTC Compiègne
Keywords : quantitative ultrasound, food bolus, texture, tongue, palate
Supervisors : Isabelle Souchon, Frédéric Restagno (LPS, co-supervision), Vincent Mathieu
Beginning : octobre 2015
Extension : 54 83

Damien MAT

Title : Modulation of the digestion of lipids and proteins through the control of the structure of the food matrix. 
Funding : LIDEX ALIAS 
Eductation : Master Fluides Complexes et Milieux Divisés (Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Jussieu)
Keywords : emulsion, gastro-intestinal in vitro digestion, whey proteins gels, lipolysis, proteolysis, food matrix effect
Supervisors : Isabelle Souchon, Camille Michon (UMR GENIAL, site de Massy), Steven Le Feunteun (co-supervisor)
Beginning : february 2014
Extension : 52 92