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The PLASTIC software platform of INRA's CEPIA Division


The "PLASTIC" software platform (Software Platform for Signal Analysis and Processing, Data Integration and Knowledge) is hosted by the research unit for Microbiology and Food Process Engineering. Its mission is aimed at pooling, evaluating and centralising the distribution of software, tools and methods developed within the CEPIA Division.
PLASTIC platform activities particularly focus on two main axes:

  • the data management process
  • image processing and analysis

The platform site allows users to download software of generic interest, hosts some development projects and provides information resources (tutorials, methodology sheets, etc.).

Members based at GMPA

To contact members of the platform who are based at GMPA unit:

  • by phone: +33 (0)1 30 81 + member number (click on member name)
  • by e-mail:
Permanent members

Bruno Perret (platform coordinator)

Michard Rakotoson*

* INRA's CEPIA Division