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Research teams

The Joint Research Unit for Food Process Engineering and Microbiology carries out research and teaching missions related to the engineering of
agricultural, food and biological product transformations. Its work focuses on the control of physical and biological processes that govern transformations,
from bioprocesses to humans, with the aim of improving knowledge and proposing useful tools for the development of products or bio-products with
high sensory, nutritional, health and environmental qualities.
Its activities focus on the knowledge of cheese microbial ecosystems, on food fermentation processes and on the improvement of fractionation and
stabilisation operations to obtain targeted functionalities. These include the automatic management of bioprocesses through the development of prototypes
and measurement tools, modelling and knowledge integration. Systemic analyses of mechanisms involved in food destructuration and degradation in
the mouth and in the digestive tract are some of the transformation operations that are studied.
Approaches are based on strong links between experimentation and modelling, with the aim of knowledge integration, from unit operations to entire processes.

The unit is composed of 4 research teams:

  • BioMiP: Bio-products, Food, Micro-organisms and Processes.
  • EcoMic: Cheese Microbial Ecosystems.
  • ADP: Food, Digestion and Perception.
  • MALICES: Modelling, AnaLysis and knowledge Integration for food and biological ComplEx Systems.