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Food, Digestion and Perception

In a context where the role of food is much larger than the simple act of feeding, the design of food as intelligent vectors of target molecules responsible for both sensory and nutritional properties is a major challenge for the food industry. These target molecules can be sapid or odorant compounds, nutrients or micronutrients. The control of their release (at both spatial and temporal scales) responds to physiological objectives of targeted bioavailability. The formulation of such foods, with predefined sensory and nutritional criteria, must take their fate in the digestive tract into account. In this framework, the work conducted in our group focuses on the degradation mechanisms of food products in the mouth (oral and pharyngeal phases) and in the upper part of the digestive tract (gastro-duodenal digestion), as well as on the modelling of the associated release kinetics of target compounds. We propose to combine experimental and modelling approaches to better understand the respective roles of the food (composition and structure) and the individual (digestive physiology) on the release kinetics of target molecules. The aim of such an approach is generic and should help to provide tools for food formulation.

Our activities in a few keywords

  • Understanding the mechanisms of food degradation in the mouth and in the upper part of the digestive tract in relation to their properties (composition, structure)
  • Modelling the release kinetics of the target compounds (sensory stimuli and nutrients)
Our research objective: to understand the mechanisms involved and to develop tools to help the rational design of foods that meet nutritional and sensory criteria  

Our study models

  • Model (chesse matrices, gels) or real (beverages, dairy gels, matrices cheese, bread) foods 
  • Human and animal models

Research topics



 Projects supported by public fundings




Qualiment - QualiGrasPhy  project: the déterminants of inter-individual variability in fat perception in humans. Partnership with 5 research units  (UMR CSGA, UMR GMPA, UR QuaPa, UNH, UR BIA) and 1 industrial Partner (Welience)


Qualiment - Modena project: an integrated approach to the deconstruction of liquid and semi-liquid food model matrices 


FUI - Satiarome project: Understanding the role of yogurt composition and flavour to develop products that give the impression of satiety and well-being. Partnership with 4 research units (UMR CSGA, UMR GENIAL, UMR GMPA and UMR STLO) and 5 industrial partners (Senoble, Robertet, Ingredia, CEN Biotech and Seb)


ANR - SensInMouth project (ANR-07-PNRA-0014) : Understanding and modelling the human's mouth reactor for predicting sensory perception. Partnership with 4 research units (UMR CSGA, Laboratoire de Rhéologie Grenoble, DIDO faculté dentaire Clermont Ferrand , UMR GMPA) and 2 industrial partners (Bel et Bongrain) 

Examples of industrial projects


« Temporal Dominance ofSensations – methodological comparisons  »


« In room aroma radiance: modelling of release and dispersion in a room of aroma compounds from a liquid food product. »


« Role of product composition on the release and perception of aroma compounds in alcoholic beverages »


«Relationships between bread structure, in-mouth destructuration and aromatic typicity»

PhD projects

The list of ongoing projects within the "Food, Digestion and Perception" research group and the ones recently finished can be consulted on the corresponding website pages.


Members can be contacted:

  • by phone: +33(0)1 30 81 + extension(click on member name)
  • by e-mail: firstname.lastname.[at]


Publications of the ADP team

Publications of the ADP team from 2009-2013, in peer-reviewed scientific journals and book chapters.
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